Saturday, November 2, 2013

Obama Sells Out Israel, Again

Western Center for Journalism
November 2, 2013

Photo credit: terrellaftermath
The headlines read “Iran only a month away from the bomb.” The sub-headlines read: Obama Administration cautions Congress and Israel – we can wait and see if sanctions work or if our negotiations work. We have plenty of time. When you combine this with the multiple media stories of the Obama Administration wanting to station international troops in Judea and Samaria for the “protection” of Israel, there is no longer any doubt where the loyalties of the Obama Administration lie. It is definitely not with our best ally in the Mideast, Israel. We are not sure how long it might be because we have not calculated the help North Korea has contributed to this process.

Judea and Samaria belong to Israel. UN Resolution 242 guarantees Israel safe and secure borders. It was worded deliberately by the very liberal Democratic President Lyndon Johnson and his very liberal UN Ambassador Arthur Goldberg to make sure it was understood that the lands Israel won were to remain mostly with her. Israel has more than performed what was necessary under the resolution. Judea and Samaria and more were to be her new defensible borders. The Coalition made it clear in an earlier position paper that The Jordan Valley was defined by the best US military minds many times as a minimum to secure the freedom of Israel from aggression.

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