Monday, October 28, 2013 Is Obamacare’s Best Feature

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October 28, 2013

Rick McKee, The Augusta Chronicle
Rick McKee, The Augusta Chronicle
The public face of the Obamacare deathcare disaster right now is the government website that administers program sign-ups,
If the government’s goal in establishing, as President Barack Obama has claimed, is to allow people to view available insurance plans and sign up for them through the website, then is a colossal failure. It’s the type of failure that, had it occurred in the private sector, would have resulted in the immediate firing of the company’s chief executive officer, the head of the department overseeing the project, the project’s director and most, if not all, of the people who contributed to the project in any supervisory way — and that is only if the company was able to survive the disastrous debut.
But government is not negatively affected by failure. In fact, there is a reward for failure in government. As Representative Steny Hoyer reminded Tuesday when asked how Congress could help improve the system, “We can give them a little money.” Never mind the hundreds of millions of dollars already dumped into the boondoggle.
And so it was for the crony firm tasked with developing the website, CGI Federal. The Canadian information technology firm entered the U.S. government contracting business after buying several American IT firms beginning in 2004. It was in the right place at the right timeand got the contract despite a checkered past on similar projects; one of them, a Canadian healthcare registry for diabetes sufferers, performed so badly and CGI missed so many deadlines that the $46.2 million project was scrapped.
So apparently, government contractors aren’t affected by failure either, at least as long as they play the corporatist game and line the pockets of the Washington, D.C., criminal elected class, which CGI did to the tune of at least $800,000, according to
And neither are government bureaucrats affected by failure. See Sebilius, Kathleen; Lerner, Lois; Holder, Eric; Boswell, Eric J.; Maxwell, Raymond; Clinton, Hillary; Napolitano, Janet, etc.
Insurance executives are warning that the website will lead to theft of private information and other forms of identity theft. And if fixes aren’t made properly, those trying to sign up can expect to see their bank accounts debited multiple times and they may still not be signed up for health insurance.

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