Thursday, October 10, 2013

Obama’s Fascist Heart

October 7, 2013

Let’s start with my somewhat lengthy definition of fascism, adapted from Jonah Goldberg, and which is found in his wonderful book, “Liberal Fascism”. ( )
"Fascism assumes that society as a whole is a scientific organism, predictable, controlled and manageable, upon which one great and scientifically enlightened leader or group of leaders are able to impose the "will of the people", which it portrays itself as representing. It is the antithesis of Western traditional liberalism, and is the absolute enemy of liberty. It is the logical spawn of the ideology of Progressivism, i.e. the false belief that science can create a human utopia on Earth. Generally relying on a "youth movement" and/or labor movement to gain power, fascism sees all facets of society as political, and that therefore any conduct by the state through its enlightened leaders to improve society is justified. In order to gain power and incite the “movement” to action, it many times blames a scapegoat ethnic or political group for society’s ills, such as the Jews, Tea Partiers, etc. Every aspect and detail of life becomes the state's responsibility. Fascism becomes a state religion, i.e. it becomes the religion of the state and seeks to eventually replace or incorporate all true religion. Eventually, if it completes its seizure of power, nothing and no one is permitted to present an opposing position, it has then become totalitarian."
Obama's recent vindictive behavior in relation to the partial shut-down of the government reveals his fascist heart. To Obama, and all fascists, the ends justify the means: In this case, the means being punishing innocent heroes and Americans by closing walk-through national monuments that have no need for staffing such as the World War II Memorial and the Vietnam War Memorial, closing roads or ocean access and any other method that he can pull off; to achieve the ends: Saving the socialist Obamacare that America hates.
If anyone still really believes it is Obama's purpose to enforce the law as the Chief Executive, it might be wise to question why he is enforcing only the parts of the law that he chooses to, and ignoring or granting exemptions for the remainder. Of course, Obama has been consistent with his policy of ignoring congress when it suits him to impose his Progressive ideology, such as his end-run around congress with the implementation of the onerous EPA regulations against coal, as well as granting amnesty in violation of federal law to specific groups of illegals.
American Presidents have no such discretion. Obama is not some county prosecutor exercising prosecutorial discretion, he is the elected Chief Executive of the United states and is strictly bound by the Constitution to execute (and obey) the laws passed by congress. Obama is violating the constitution by his selective enforcement. He is absolutely obligated to enforce the laws, and do so equally. President Andrew Johnson was impeached as a result of his refusal to enforce the Tenure in Office Act of 1867.
Obama’s elitist fascist heart tells him that he knows what is best for all Americans, much better than they know themselves, or their elected representatives in congress know. Since he believes in his own unfailing correctness as all progressives believe, and is far above the teeming masses of us “bitter clingers”, it is only right, in his superior mind, to use any method possible, legal or illegal, constitutional or unconstitutional, to impose his will on Americans FOR OUR OWN GOOD.
If this means setting up a gun smuggling operation to the Mexican drug cartels to falsely prove that these cartels are using American guns, to give impetus to his gun control schemes, no problem, hence “Fast & Furious”. If it means censoring the truth about this scheme, no problem. The ATF is ordered by Obama to stop the publication of a book about it by a former ATF agent. See:
When constitutional conservative groups apply for tax exemptions with the IRS to advance their rights to free speech and assembly by forming groups for this purpose, Obama orders his IRS henchmen to stall their applications and investigate the groups.
Meanwhile, the NSA is gathering lists of all computer emails and cell phone calls of all Americans.
The message of Obamacare, Obama’s crowning Progressive achievement, is that the government will be better at managing the health care of Americans than the American people themselves. Unfortunately, this purposely ignores history, it ignores the fact that no large government program has ever achieved what it was supposed to achieve without massive debt and corruption, and it ignores the experience of the Post office which is again facing a massive debt, this time of 6 billion dollars, and it ignores the corruptibility of human nature which prevents these government programs from working in a way even approximating the utopian dreams of the progressives. See the following link for the CBS 60 Minutes program from yesterday about the gaming of the Social Security Disability system:
Progressivism naturally moves in the direction of fascism. Woodrow Wilson moved in this direction, as did the American Communist movement of the 1920’s and 1930’s, but was stopped by the strong inclination and tradition of the American people to democracy and classical liberalism. This natural directional movement of progressive ideology was displayed in history in the 20th Century by the twin fascisms of Marxism and Nazism, both of which tried to use "scientific socialism" to create the "new man", and it is being displayed again by Barrack Obama as he ignores and destroys the democratic institutions that have made our country great. It’s time to start talking impeachment.

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