Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Obama Agrees To Negotiate With Congress

The Western Center for Journalism
October 9, 2013

Barack Obama is backing away from his prior refusal to seek a compromise with Congress, indicating he will meet with lawmakers Thursday in an effort to end the ongoing federal government shutdown.

House Republicans, who have received the brunt of Obama’s vitriol throughout the stalemate, are invited to meet with the president to discuss funding and reopening the government. This decision stands in contrast to his repeated insistence he will accept nothing less than a “clean” spending bill — one that does not target the increasingly contentious ObamaCare law.
This move, which came around the same time as polling results showed his approval rating at a dismal 37 percent, indicates that Obama might be ready to concede at least some of the GOP’s points. That assumption might be overly optimistic, however, given his supreme reticence to acquiesce.
In actuality, Obama is likely focused on his demand for another debt limit increase. With a deadline fast approaching, he cannot afford to be saddled with a shutdown while making the case for giving the government even more money.

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