Sunday, September 1, 2013

Obama Will Leave Strike Option On Syria if Congress Votes No.....

Mark matheny
September 1, 2013

According to a Fox News report, Obama says he will leave strike options open against Syria even if Congress votes against the measure.

According to a senior Department official, Obama will carry out the strike against Syria whether Congress approves or not.

This comes as no surprise since Obama is as addicted to Executive Action and UN resolutions as a crack head looking for a hit on the crackpipe.

The same official stated that all of Obama's National Security Advisors are in agreement to strike Syria, and that Obama ultimately will.

I am fully convinced that with or without Congress's approval, Obama the man of lawlessness will carry out the agenda of radically transforming Syria, just as he has done in Libya and Egypt.

No doubt, Al Queda and the Muslim Brotherhood will replace Assad should he be overthrown in this illegal war.

Source: AFP/NATO/Pentagon

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