Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hypocrisy: U.S. Condemns Alleged Use of Sarin Gas By Assad Regime, but Used Sarin Gas in Laos During Vietman War

Mark Matheny
September 5, 2013

The Obama Regime truly reveals the hypocrisy of our government in its condemnation of the use of Sarin gas in Syria recently.

While pushing for a strike against Syria, and gathering support from Congress, the Obama Regime wants the American people to believe that our country is so much better than the backward Third-world countries in the Middle East, and that we would never use such horrible measures as chemical weapons against our adversaries.

What is little known by most Americans however, is the fact that the United States used chemical weapons against American defectors in the Vietnam war, and then when it was revealed they threatened the journalists who uncovered the deed. Did you get that? They targeted American defectors!!!! Chemical weapons against our own people.....

In the book 9/11 and American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out  on page 181, it reveals the power and control of the Pentagon over media when it forced two journalists to retract an article about America's use of Sarin in Laos in 1970:

An important case of Pentagon influence over the corporate media is CNN's retraction of the story about U.S. military use of sarin (a nerve gas) in 1970 in Laos during the Vietnam War. CNN producers April Oliver and Jack Smith, after an eight-month investigation, reported on CNN in June of 1998 and later in Time Magazine that sarin gas was used in Operation Thailand in Laos and that American defectors were targeted. The story was based on eyewitness accounts and high military command collaboration. Under tremendous pressure from the Pentagon, Henry Kissinger, Colin Powell, and Richard Helms, both CNN and Time Magazine retracted the story saying: "The allegations about the use of nerve gas and the killing of defectors are not supported by the evidence." Oliver and Smith were both fired by CNN later that summer. They have steadfastly stood by their original story as accurate and substantiated. Oliver feels that CNN and Time capitulated to the Pentagon's threat to lock them out of future military stories

So, not only did the U.S. use chemical weapons in Vietnam - it used sarin gas against Americans who defected from the military over in Vietnam because they were tired of the war! Then the hypocrites threatened the media in order to cover up their corruption!

Now the lapdog media and congress are ready to go along with unsubstantiated claims that Assad and his military used sarin gas against their enemies. Now its apparently evil to do such a thing!

The use of chemical weapons in any war is awful in my opinion. The use of deception in the media to hide atrocities or to falsely accuse others of them is just as bad or maybe even worse.

 All warfare is based on deception. - Sun Tzu

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