Friday, June 21, 2013

Newly developed micro robot bird able to perform reconnaissance, surveillance

Matheny's Note: " Look! Up in the Sky! It's Bird! - It's a plane! - No - it's just the NSA Snooping on us again.......... oh well"

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June 21, 20013

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Researchers at the University of Maryland have developed a robot bird whose wings can flap independently of each other.
Called the "Robo Raven," the breakthrough engineering technology allows the robot to achieve any desired motion and to perform aerobatic maneuvers.
Developed by University of Maryland Professors S.K. Gupta and Hugh Bruck and their students, the robot birds could one day be used for reconnaissance and surveillance.
The final design enables a tiny video camera, can be launched from the ground, and can fly in winds up to 10 mph.
The micro air bird even fooled a local hawk, which attacked the robot in mid-flight on more than one occasion.

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