Thursday, May 2, 2013

Israeli Leaders Blast Chinese Regime's Organ Harvesting, Persecution

The new American
May 1, 2013

Israeli Leaders Blast Chinese Regime's Organ Harvesting, Persecution
JERUSALEM — Lawmakers in Israel led by Deputy Speaker of Knesset Moshe Feiglin (shown) and his freedom-oriented “Liberal Lobby” spoke out against barbaric human-rights abuses being perpetrated by the Communist Party regime ruling mainland China — especially the harvesting of body organs from executed dissidents and prisoners of conscience. The two-hour symposium at the Israeli Parliament featured an award-winning documentary on the brutal crimes, a speech by a survivor of the Chinese dictatorship’s prison camps, and an array of prominent human rights advocates speaking out on behalf of the victims.       

Conference organizers and speakers explained early on that there was heavy pressure from Chinese and Israeli authorities to cancel the summit. Attendees were also urged not to attend, and many Knesset members who were sympathetic to the Chinese dissidents' plight did not make it to the conference. However, turnout was still impressive, with at least 10 lawmakers and multiple heavy-hitting speakers defying the pressure to speak out for what they said was a just cause. While English-language media coverage has been fairly limited so far, waves from the historic event are spreading worldwide — especially among the massive community of Chinese exiles. 

In an interview with The New American at his Knesset office before the summit, MK Feiglin, a member of the ruling Likud party, explained that what has been going on in China is a tragedy. Chinese authorities, he said, are literally cutting body organs out of dissidents — especially practitioners of Falun Gong, a spiritual discipline once promoted by the regime — and selling them to wealthy customers. As the state of the Jews, Israel has a special moral responsibility for upholding the cause of human rights around the world, including exposing ongoing atrocities in Communist China, MK Feiglin said. No amount of pressure will stop him.

“That’s the real reason for our existence,” Feiglin explained. “We should focus on our own on developing a real Jewish state that radiates the moral message of freedom to the entire world. I think this potential — the old people of the Book that came back to the Promised Land have that potential in them — and I think the whole world, deep in their mind, in their soul, are waiting for that message to come out of Zion. I think this is the reason for the existence of the Jewish state.”

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