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UN Arms Trade Treaty: National Lists of Gun Owners; Ammunition Regulation

The New American
March 22, 2013

UN Arms Trade Treaty: National Lists of Gun Owners; Ammunition Regulation
NEW YORK — On March 22, the president of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) conference, Peter Woolcott, distributedhis latest draft of the proposed treaty, known as "President's Non-Paper."
From the opening paragraphs of that document, the UN begins its assault on the Second Amendment.
For example, take this statement from what used to be called the Preamble: Trade in weapons is to be refused to “unauthorized end use, including to individuals and groups who would commit terrorist acts.”
Curiously, not a single one of those very broad and expansive terms is defined in the document. One very important question left unanswered is who, precisely, will decide who is an “authorized” end user? 
Furthermore, what qualifies a gun owner as a terrorist and what sort of act will be deemed an act of terrorism? There again, the bigger question is, who has the power to answer these questions?
Although these terms are vague, what is crystal clear is that the Constitution will not be the arbiter of the scope of government’s power to infringe on the natural rights of Americans, including the right to keep and bear arms.
Another troubling statement is found in one of the “principles” set out in this latest draft of the ATT. The declaration in question provides for the possession of weapons for “legitimate self-defence [sic] and peacekeeping and peace support.”
In other words, the UN wants to rid the world of the “scourge of war,” unless it’s their war. Of course, when they deploy weapons and troops into an otherwise sovereign nation, they don’t call it war, they call it “peacekeeping.”
Which brings up another point. For years now, hundreds of people have spent countless amounts of time, talent, and treasure trying to hammer out a disarmament treaty. Only, the genuine aim is not disarmament. 
Read the fine print. The UN doesn’t want to seize arms from government, but from “non-state actors.” Read: you and me.
As with their fellow travelers on Capitol Hill, the internationalists at Turtle Bay want to consolidate power — in this case, the power over weapons and warfare.
No one who can read English could fail to recognize that plainly written in the ATT and the working drafts produced so far at the conference are provisions providing for the continuing sale, transfer, and production of arms and ammunition, so long as the buyer, seller, or maker is an approved government (or, “state party” in the parlance of the UN).
Once the civilians (“non-state actors”) have been disarmed, then the developing UN global government — with the national governments or state parties serving as administrative units — will emerge and enforce its will without fear of resistance.

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