Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Entitlements Are Another Form of Slavery


Appearing in the award-winning documentary, "Runaway Slave," is Dr. Timothy Johnson, the founder of the Frederick Douglass Foundation based in Washington D.C. In November of 2008, after being frustrated with the election of Obama, Dr. Tim had a dream, a calling. "I got tired of hearing there were no black Republicans." The Frederick Douglass Foundation is pro-life, pro-traditional marriage; it is "the largest Christ-centered, multi-ethnic and Republican ministry." Dr. Tim explains that Martin Luther King was a Republican, as is Alveda King, as was Frederick Douglass, and the Republican Party was formed to defeat slavery, and ensure equality for all Americans; but because of "one or two things the Democrats have given blacks politically", and the lie the Democrat Party and the media have perpetuated - "the entitlement game," "the government owes me something," to keep blacks voting for them, many blacks vote Democrat and many have become generationally enslaved to the government. How do you explain this to people who are in the habit of getting free stuff? Education. Frederick Douglass was an educator. He was born a slave, and was then taught to read by his slave master's wife, with the Bible. He was married 40 years, went to England, was a speaker, a lay preacher, and great leader in the abolitionist movement. Go to http://www.tfdf.org for more information. As C.L. Bryant says, "Run away from socialism, run away from progressivism, run!"

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