Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Your Vote Won’t Save The Buck

September 19, 2012

Your Vote Won’t Save The Buck
America will take the biggest wager it has made in generations in just 48 days. Either President Barack Obama or GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney will be given the task of rebuilding America.
Liberals believe Obama is the man who can do it if he is given another four years.
Many Republicans think that another four more years of Obama will ensure the economic destruction of the United States. The GOP is resting its hopes on a Romney Presidency.
I have some bad news: The United States is in a permanent state of decline that neither candidate can, or is even willing to try to, fix.
Obama’s plan comprises the tried and failed policies of big government: renewed regulation and higher taxes. As for Romney, he hasn’t presented much of a plan to reverse the four-year recession that has all the makings of a depression.
Both Obama and Romney are big spenders. Their preference on where they will spend differs, but one fact faces them both: America has $16 trillion in Federal debt.
I believe whatever solutions they have can result only in a larger Federal deficit and the continued meltdown of the dollar.
Whoever is President will have a partner in this crime: the Federal Reserve, whose sole purpose in the 21st century is to float trillions of dollars in fiat money regardless of the future cost.

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