Friday, June 22, 2012

Obama Under the Bus

June 22, 2012
All indicators point to the sober realization that those ironclad seams that bound the Democratic establishment together four years ago are coming apart.
Originally hired as the President’s chief legalese attack dog, and of good Chicago pedigree, Attorney General Eric Holder has done nearly everything humanly possible to bend laws in an effort shield the President from any legal blow-back from an endless array of unconstitutional and criminal acts undertaken committed since 2008 and before.
This past Wednesday, the first major leak sprang in a White House ship that was thought to be unsinkable when Obama began his occupation of Pennsylvania Ave four years ago. In the Nixonian tradition, and a move that was clearly part of an overall damage control operation, the President claimed dubious legal refuge under ‘executive privilege’ regarding any documents relating to Attorney General Eric Holder’s notorious “Operation Fast and Furious”.
Opponents of the Obama White House will likely use this scandal as ammunition during the coming months. Democratic spin doctors behind the scenes are already losing their footing as to how to defend against Republican attacks during the this re-election campaign.
To make matters worse, following Mitt Romney’s appearance at the Bilderberg Meeting in Chantilly, Virginia on May 31 - June 2, 2012, speculation is abound that the globalist steering committee were auditioning the new GOP front man, who by all apparent reports, had a successful debutant ‘coming out’ in front of Bilderberg in the run-up to this November’s US Presidential election. This could mean they are preparing to ditch the scandal-ridden Obama White House – now seen as a liability in achieving there future plans for a one world government.
In addition, Obama’s absence from Rio+20, the annual globalist conference sponsored by the United Nation in Brazil this week also indicates that he may be phased out the globalist elite.

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