Saturday, April 28, 2012

Unusual ‘Transport’ Vehicle Causing Some Concern

The only thing I could think of is potentially FEMA movement vehicles. Has anyone seen these things before?What are these vehicles? Who uses them?

Do you think the government gestapo ready for the round-up “arrest the usual suspects”… very, very interesting!

ADDING THIS: The person that MAY (I don’t know for certain if he was the originator) have sent the original email asking what type of vehicles they are, put his location as being Virginia Beach, Virginia.

The truck: The Navistar 7000

National defense forces of Iraq, Afghan police and military and Canadian military all use it.

Just under 10,000 ordered by the U.S. & Judging The paint scheme on it, it is not going overseas

Put this email in the same file with the order of six bazillion hollow points rounds, the FEMA determent camps, the prisoner rail cars, and the 1 million body bags and the 1 million plastic coffins. Nothing strange going on here, huh. NOTHING AT ALL!

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