Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ron Paul Laughs Down Santorum's Speculation of Ron Paul and Romney Working Together

Mark Matheny
February 26, 2012

Recently, presidential candidate Rick Santorum made a remark during a debate that Ron Paul and Mitt Romney may somehow be in league together, having made some sort of back room deal to run together.

There are those who also believe that while Ron Paul attacks the other GOP candidates, he never attacks Romney. Can this be the case? Well, let's see just a few examples where this is simply not the case.

Back in December on Meet The Press, Ron Paul described Mitt Romney along with Newt Gingrich as faux conservatives, and as coming from the "same mold" as other establishment politians:

In a Dallas News article, Ron Paul is reported as blasting Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich as part of the "Washington Machine" in a TV advertisement which ran in Iowa and New Hampshire:

In the presidential debates back in 2007, Ron Paul stood adamantly against Romney's foreign policy ideas. Concerning the idea of attacking Iran, Romney claimed he would need to consult attorneys before deciding on a strike against Iran's nuclear targets, wherein Paul opposed this saying, "this idea of going and talking to attorneys totally baffles me. Why don't we just open up the Constitution and read it. You're not allowed to go to war without a declaration of war..".

In the video above, a collage of responses (2007 to present) from Ron Paul toward the policies of Romney, it is clear to see that  Ron Paul is in no way allying himself with Romney.

As far as budget cuts, and spending in the government are concerned, again Ron Paul and Romney are not in agreement, as you can see from the CNN GOP debate in November of 2011:

There are more examples, but I will end with those. It seems clear to me that any attempt by Santorum, or anyone else for that matter to connect Romney and Paul as being in some sort of conspiracy to oust Santorum from the race is simply laughable.

According to the National Journal Ron Paul himself chuckled at the notion. The article stated:

 Ron Paul on Saturday laughed off remarks made by his fellow GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum earlier in the day speculating that Paul and Mitt Romney have a backroom running mate deal going.
“I don’t know what all that meant,” Paul chuckled backstage of a rally he held here at Central Michigan University. “No, we’ve never had a conversation, anything like that… but he’s a family person, I’ve known him for five years, so it is a little bit different. But I don’t agree with [him on] hardly anything probably.”

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