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Accenture Spells Out Next Stage of Manipulated Globalism

January 27, 2012
 – by Staff Report

Live from the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, Mark Spelman, Managing Director, Strategy - Accenture, shares insights from a new Accenture study - Fast Forward to Growth: Seizing opportunities in high-growth markets. − YouTube

Dominant Social Theme: Globalism is the natural evolution of the current sociopolitical and economic environment.
Free-Market Analysis: Live from Davos – as if that's supposed to make us impressed – someone called Mark Spelman provides an unsettling vision of what the world's elites have in mind for the next ten years.
A quick summary of the video presentation provides us with numerous power elite dominant social themes – those fear-based promotions that frighten middle classes into giving up power and wealth to designated globalist facilities like the UNIMFWorld Bank, etc.
In this case, Spelman is using the language of power elite promotions to structure a world that flows logically from current globalist developments. These developments – such as the growth of the economies of the BRICs – seem logical but are actually manipulated occurrences.
We know they are manipulated because it is the elites themselves that control the central banks that provide growth via printing money from nothing. The Anglosphere power elite can create growth in virtually any country that it wishes to by impelling the local banking authorities to print money.
In Brazil, India, Russia and China – all countries with high growth rates – the rate of price inflation is high, too, a dead giveaway that central banking money printing has been brought to bear.
The question may be asked, then ... why didn't this growth happen sooner? One needs to look at the patterns of what we call elite "directed history."
Throughout the 20th century, the elites created what we will call a Hegelian Dialectic between the so-called "free" West and the "Communist world." This is not speculation.
Lift the curtain of history and peer into the reality of 20th century events and you shall find ample clues as to the culpability of the Anglosphere (powerful Western banking families and their enablers and associates) regarding the funding and organization of communism and its leadership.
In the late 20th century a decision was apparently made to combine the thesis of Western economies with the antithesis of communism. As a result, in our view, the USSR "suddenly" collapsed and ChiCom leaders "made" a decision to move toward a market-based society.
People cannot conceive of history being controlled at this level but really it is quite simple. If a few great families control trillions, even tens of trillions, via central banking (as we believe they do) then Money Power itself must logically attract outsized power around the world.
It is not too much of a stretch to believe that the great Anglosphere families that control central banks have counter-parties with which they do business in Russia, China, India, etc. We are only several centuries removed from a time when Britain (and its top families) formally or informally ruled such countries as India and China.
The Anglosphere has held sway the world over in the past. Why shouldn't certain relationships continue to flourish? If one grants that the reality of the world is a good deal less chaotic and more "planned" than we are being led to believe, then the rest of the pattern the world is currently exhibiting becomes clear.
What the powers-that-be are driving for now is a kind of "synthesis" that is the result of combining the systems of communism and capitalism together. The result is to be a quasi-authoritarian sociopolitical system (call it "capitalism," nominally) that spreads across the world.
In order to spread this sort of capitalism worldwide, the living standards of so-called developed countries must be eroded while the standards of developed countries must be raised. This is going on even now via central bank money-printing and trade treaties that are advantageous to the BRICs.
It is no coincidence, in our view, that while the BRICs are prospering, the West is continuing to fail. The same central banking phenomena that the elites use to benefit the BRICs and the developing world is being used to destabilize the West.
The so-called sovereign banking crisis was, in our view, very likely an entirely staged maneuver. It begs common sense to believe that the elites that control central banks – and thus the entire banking system – were not aware that the torrent of lending to the impoverished PIGS would only end up in tears. As it has.
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