Sunday, January 29, 2012

Denver Airport Allows Camera Crew in Underground Facility Attempting to Debunk Conspiracy Theories

Mark Matheny
January 29, 2012

Denver Airport is believed to be a centralized Emergency Continuity of Government/Globalist Survival Facility reserved for a possible catastrophic scenario, that could come in the end of 2012, or possibly later.

The airport is massive in size, and contains miles of underground tunnels, as well as strange paintings inside the airport terminals.

On November 22, 2010, KWGN Denver News reported on the airport, and was allowed to see the underground tunnels. The tunnels were explained away as "baggage carrier tunnels" that do not work. The Airport officials assured the News reporters that there was nothing sinister going on at the facility. Could this be the case?

Jesse Ventura investigated the airport, and his conclusions lead to quite a different reason for the massive airport and underground tunnels.

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