Friday, January 12, 2018

Mark Levin: Obama's FBI used unverified Trump dossier to obtain FISA warrant (January 11 2018)

Mark Levin Show
January 12 , 2018

There is a bombshell report by Sara Carter which proves Mark was right about Barack Obama’s FISA abuses! The Trump dossier was used by Obama’s FBI to gain approval for a FISA court warrant to surveil Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. The bastardization of our intelligence agencies and federal law enforcement by a sitting Democrat administration aimed at destroying and defeating a Republican nominee is nothing like we’ve ever seen. We can’t live in a free society when administrations of one party are surveilling transition teams of another party. The dossier circulated throughout our intelligence agencies from the FBI and was broadly used by the Obama administration. There is so much that has to be uncovered here which has involved the felonious leaking of names of Americans leaked to the media and abuse of the Patriot Act.

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