Sunday, December 10, 2017

Americans Give Trump Higher Grades on Economy Than Overall

Wall Street Journal
December 10, 2017

Although President Donald Trump’s overall approval ratings have dropped to the lowest point of his presidency, he is getting significantly higher marks in one important area: his handling of the economy.
With the U.S. unemployment rate holding at a 17-year low, hiring strong and the stock market hitting regular records, Mr. Trump is getting stronger reviews from the public on the economy, with 42% approving and 37% disapproving, according to the most recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey, conducted in late October.
That stands in stark contrast to his overall approval rating, which dropped last week to 32%, the lowest point of his 11-month presidency, according to a Pew Research Center poll. His disapproval rating of 68% in the same survey was also a new high.
The WSJ poll showed the president with a 38% approval rating, his lowest to date in this poll, while 58% disapproved of his overall performance.
A Gallup survey from November showed the president’s approval rating for his handling of the economy at 45%, eight points ahead of his overall approval number, which sagged to 37%.
“He’s a political contortionist in that he has high economic numbers and very low personal approval ratings. That’s almost impossible to do,” said Peter Hart, a veteran Democratic pollster.
On Friday, the White House celebrated the December jobs report that showed the economy gaining 228,000 jobs in November.
“President Trump’s bold economic vision continues to pay off,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement that also referenced an increase in manufacturing jobs since the president took office. “As we continue to unleash the American economy from unnecessary regulation and taxes, we look forward to seeing more reports like this, showing a healthy and thriving jobs market for the American people.”

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