Saturday, November 4, 2017

Update on Antifa Revolution Nov 4

SST News
Mark Matheny
November 4, 2017


Well, today is the day of the Revolution called for by Antifa groups accross the Nation, and so far all that is basically happening is..... cricket sounds.

I have been scouring the news and I haven't found too much concerning the well hyped event.

Owen Shroyer, for Infowars has reported that there are more Patriots showing up in Austin TX than Antifa Protesters. Many of the Patriots are well armed at that.

According to an ad put out in the New York Times recently, the Antifa movement called for "the end of the Trump/ Pence Regime". 

The ad has in bold letters:

Be there. Join with the thousands who will gather in cities and towns across the country. A movement of protests that continue every day and night growing until we become millions.... determined not to stop until this regime is driven from power.

The group responsible for the ad is Refuse Fascism , and are funded by George Soros.

Refuse Fascism was the same group behind the riot at Berkley, where Milo planned to speak. There were several Trump supporters and fans of Milo injured at that event. Refuse Fascism group recieved $50,000 from Socialist billionaire Greorge Soros according to The Daily Caller.

This anarchist styled group uses NAZI,fascist type tactics in hopes of overthrowing the current administration. 

Infowars is one of the main News Sites covering the events:

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