Thursday, September 7, 2017

Ann Coulter : "And do not be fooled , this is 100 percent amnesty across the board, for all 40 million illegal aliens.."

Mark Matheny
September 7, 2017 
Conservative author Ann Coulter

In an interview on the Mark Samone Show, Ann Coulter gave her take on the recent developments concerning DACA, and the President's decision to give Congress 6 months to decide on what to do with the program:

"... His entire campaign was he (Trump)  was going to end it [DACA] , and we shouldn't give amnesty to illegals, I think that's been his point for the last five years, so I really think the problem isn't messaging, the problem seems to be the President. but luckily ... somehow he knew that he needed to be kept locked in his office yesterday for the announcement, and let Jeff Sessions make the announcement, um, so that part was good, but then when he started saying , no don't worry, we're granting them amnesty. .. 

I don't know if you payed attention to.. Trump until the campaign, but he tweeted furiously when Republicans once before were trying to sneak through amnesty in the dead of night, um .. how it was a loser, it was a disaster, it was bad for America, and then you may recall his entire campaign. His entire stunning, unbelievable "crush all opponents" campaign. ...

the main point of which was - no amnesty! We're putting Americans first! um, .. and the policy, the policy is to end this, and Jeff Sessions said that the policy was to end it, and again, thank God, the President was locked in his office at that point and then he comes out to Twitter and says "We've gotta pass it and if congress doesn't act in 6 months ... I will act! Well, ok .."
Ann went on to allude that President Trump has forgotten all of the people he promised he would not forget about during his campaign, when he promised not to grant amnesty to illegals. She went on to say that this is 100% amnesty accross the board:

"And do not be fooled [...] this is 100 percent amnesty accross the board, for all 40 million illegal aliens.."  
Mark Samone then went on to say that he is for DACA, and that it would only be amnesty for 800,000 people. This was when Ann then interjected that it would certainly be amnesty for 40 million illegals here in the U.S., and not just for the "Dreamers" under the DACA protection.

Ann went on to explain that the Elites are determined to have open borders and to take away the Nation. She went on to point out that both Republicans and Democrats have conspired to pass Amnesty while pretending that it will only be amnesty for  " a few teeny tiny group of Valedictorians", but in fact will be for all 40 million plus Illegals coming over the border.

Listen to her interview here:

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