Saturday, October 29, 2016

Leaked Army Video Discusses Complexities of Operating in Future MegaCities

Mark Matheny
October 29, 2016

The world we live in is growing as far as population levels are concerned. And with that growth comes the expansion of mega cities.

The fastest population growth rates are primarily in Africa, and the Middle East. In Africa, the fastest annual population growth rates are at 3% or more in Western Sahara, Mali, Niger, Uganda, Eritrea, and Liberia. Much of Africa is between 2-3% growth rates as well.

In the Middle East, Afghanistan also has a population growth rate of 3% or more annually, with Pakistan and India following right behind it at between 2-3% annually.

Below is a map giving you a world view of population growth rates:

File:Population growth rate world 2005-2010 UN.PNG

From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository

With this rate in population growth comes the concern among military analysts on just how to deal with operations in these highly dense and everchanging populated "mega cities".

In a leaked military video, we see what the controllers are focusing on as they develop what they detail as mega cities around the world.

We know that currently operations are taking place in both Africa, and the Middle East. 

In the beginning of the video it mentions growth rates by the year 2030. This caught my attention because Agenda 21,which the Elites have been pushing for "Sustainable Development", has now recently been renamed as "Agenda 2030". 

After seeing the video above describing the "mega Cities", pay attention to this next video. Especially the first half which describes "Agenda 2030" and the real intent of this UN initiative.

The Elites have in mind what are called "Controlled City Grids" which will basically contain the masses of civilian populations in different grid zones. A prime example of how these cities will look is called the "Masdar Initiative", and is currently under construction in the UAE.


In these types of cities, the controlling Elites will have all control over the populations contained in them. The citizens will be under constant surveillance and will be at the mercy of the controlling officials since there will be no personal transportation, and all activities will be monitored by "Smart" computers and controllers.

The problem that thew Elites are currently concerned about according to the leaked video, is how to control areas that will be in extreme poverty or in civil and political chaos.

Beta testing has been underway since the early operations in Afghanistan up to current operations there as well as Iraq and other areas in the Middle East and Africa.

I have done much reporting on this plan of the Elites to create a world under Technocratic rule.

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