Sunday, October 16, 2016

By Exposing the Federal Reserve, Trump Does America a Huge Favor

The New American
October 16, 2016

In this video, The New American magazine's Alex Newman explains what a yuuuge (or huge) service GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump performed by exposing the Federal Reserve and its manipulation of the economy. From touting gold and sound money, to highlighting the damage done by artificially low interest rates and Fed stock-market intervention, Trump has hit on some of the key reasons why this shadowy institution is so dangerous and harmful to America. Trump is also a proponent of "Audit the Fed," legislation backed by a massive movement that seeks to properly audit the central bank.
By contrast, Democrat nominee and mega banker-funded establishment candidate Hillary Clinton claims presidents and presidential candidates should not even talk about the Fed. So, no matter what you think of him, Trump has performed a giant favor for Americans by exposing the Fed on the national stage. Alex argues that we should seize this historic opportunity to educate ourselves and others about the havoc the Fed has inflicted on America--and also about how to restore an honest monetary system.

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