Wednesday, August 10, 2016

WikiLeaks Drops PROOF Top Hillary Aide Committed Perjury, It’s BAD

August 10, 2016
Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin

Hillary’s top aide, Huma Abedin apparently committed perjury, so she has some big league explaining to do!

According to her testimony posted on Judicial Watch, she claimed to only have access to a personal Yahoo email account for Hillary, and that was it, but as you can see in the Tweet below from Wikileaks, she clearly had access to other accounts of Hillary’s

This is going to put Hillary and company in a bit of pickle.
Hillary is already under fire for the information coming out in these emails, but now Abedin has perjured herself to cover it all up.
So, for Huma, she may now face fines as well as up to five years in prison!
More importantly, it shows a blatant attempt of Hillary’s staff once again lying to cover something up that Hillary had done.
Nobody on this team can be trusted, let alone elected to the highest public office in the United States.
The Justice Department should now have what it needs to reopen this investigation and find her guilty, as it should have done the first time.
This is no right wing conspiracy, as they will most definitely claim, but an outright deception of the American people proven by hard evidence!
What is it going to take for the people of this country to finally realize this woman is a criminal and cannot be president?!
This article is originally rom the Angry Patriot website

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