Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Media complicit in perpetuating 'myth' Hillary

NE News Now
August 24, 2016

The liberal media is being ripped by conservative observers for allowing Hillary Clinton to continue her habit of avoiding the press and, in some cases, dictating how they cover her events.

According to media reports, Monday (August 22) marked 262 days since Mrs. Clinton's last press conference. Now, according to The Associated Press, the Democratic presidential candidate is keeping reporters out of her fundraisers.
In at least one case, says AP, Clinton's staff made reporters following the campaign stay in a van and told them to roll up the windows, just in case they may have overheard what she was telling deep-pocket donors in Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, and other locales.

Matt Barber of contends the campaign is trying to run out the clock.Political consultant Jeff Crank would like to see the media make more of a fuss. "Would true journalists ... have tolerated that?" he asks. "Would they have even covered it and said, Look, if you're going to lock us in a van, we're not even covering your event?"
"It's pretty apparent that Hillary Clinton believes that she is in a lead and [that] she is kind of holding on to that lead like you see a football team do sometimes when they're a little bit ahead," he tells OneNewsNow.
According to Barber, there may be some political image-making at work as well.
"They're trying to create a 'myth' of Hillary Clinton and they don't want the 'actual' Hillary Clinton, who is really ... just kind of abrasive and shrill in her approach," he argues. "Maybe they don't really want her in front of the American people."
Barber says the last, best hope of getting some firm answers to tough questions for Clinton will be at the presidential debates – if Donald Trump can avoid the name-calling and stick to the scandals.
"It stinks to high heaven – and Donald Trump has plenty of smoking gun evidence here to impeach Hillary Clinton's credibility [and] her character," he explains.
It's easier, Barber adds, to impeach her character now than to impeach her as president later.

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