Thursday, June 18, 2015

URGENT: Fmr Israeli Ambassador Reveals What Obama State Dept Did to Him Behind Closed Doors

Conservative Tribune
June 19, 2015
Former Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren

Just when you thought that President Barack Obama and his cronies couldn’t stoop any lower, they go and do something that redefines the word “low.”
This time, Obama administration staffers got to listen and cheer the private scolding of former Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren by a senior State Department official.
This incident occurred in 2010, when the Obama administration stoked tensions with Israel over its decision to continue building homes in Jerusalem neighborhoods. Obama was upset that Israel announced the construction of 1,600 new homes for Jewish settlers in East Jerusalem.
Oren described being summoned by the State Department and being scolded.
“There, waiting in his not-nice American mode, was Deputy Secretary Jim Steinberg, who proceeded to read me the text of Hillary’s conversation with Netanyahu,” Oren wrote.
“This contained a list of demands, including a total building freeze in East Jerusalem as well as the West Bank, most of which would be unacceptable to any Israeli prime minister, much less a (right-leaning) Likudnik.”
Oren went on the say that, “Steinberg added his own furious comment — department staffers, I later heard, listened in on our conversation and cheered — about Israel’s insult to the president and the pride of the United States.”
Talk about a bunch of lowlifes.
An unnamed official with a D.C.-based Jewish organization explained how he wasn’t surprised by this latest act of thuggery.
“The president stacked the State Department with opponents of Israel, then let them indulge themselves by picking new fights with Israel every few months,” the anonymous official said. “Of course they enjoyed it. This is who they are. This is what they do.” (H/T Washington Free Beacon)
President Obama and his goons seem to be determined to alienate Israel, our strongest ally in the Middle East, as much as possible.
With the entire Middle East on the brink of war, we need Israel now more than ever. We need to elect a leader in 2016 who will respect Israel.
Share this everywhere. Let this be a reminder about what’s at stake for all who vote in 2016.

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