Wednesday, May 13, 2015

BREAKING: Special Forces Drill with Local SWAT for Domestic Raids

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May 13, 2015

RICHLAND | In what appears to be the second such drill, Special Forces have been deployed domestically alongside local Sheriffs to train for midnight raids in Richland County South Carolina. 

The footage you’re seeing right now is the 3rd Special Forces Group out of Fort Bragg conducting a nighttime raid during an exercise. This is the special forces unit deployed.

Sheriff Leon Lott stated that “Richland County is “an ideal location for training that cannot be replicated at Fort Bragg.”

Coordinating with the Special Forces will be the county’s Special Response Team - or SWAT to “provide simulated scenarios for the military”

What's more chilling than coordinated domestic raid training is that official reports state that live ordinance and gunfire will be employed.

To top it off the media has been restricted from any kind of embedded reporting to provide Transparency for the drills.

Now you can add this drill to the long list of domestic training exercises that have occurred so far this year. FEMA Camp Roundup drills in Florida, martial law training in California, Marines Prepping for Riot Control in Virginia and of course the mother of all drills JADE HELM. 

This is another glaring example of the militarization of local police nationwide who have received nearly half a billion dollars in military equipment from the department of defense.

So this begs the question. Who is training who? When local sheriffs receive military equipment and then the special forces train alongside SWAT the lines are blurred. The color of authority is transferred to local police as they become a militarized force. Local Law enforcement can’t violate Posse Comitatus… but they can use the same equipment and tactics as the military making them one in the same… just a different jurisdiction thus skirting the law and violating the constitution.

The next question is who is the intended target? I’ll leave that up to you in the comments section below the video… I’ll give you a hint. “You Train where you deploy”

Footage courtesy Department of Defense, Richmond County Sheriff's Office, and Maine National Guard. All footage resides in the public domain. 

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