Sunday, March 22, 2015

Pre-Tribulation Jesuit Rapture debunked (with Kent Hovind)

March 22, 2015

Perhaps a short true history of who, how, and when the pre-tribulation rapture doctrines originated would be helpful for you to help those whom you know to be in denial or failing to prepare because of this JESUIT DOCTRINE. Jesuit? Yes, two Jesuit priests laid the foundations of the pre-trib rapture doctrine, largely unknown in the history of the Church, prior to the Reformation. At the time of the Reformation, the vast majority of Protestants were convinced that the Pope was the personification of the antichrist. Most today, now understand the pope to be the ―second beast‖, the ―false prophet‖ of the antichrist prince. However, at the time of the Reformation, it was universally believed by all Protestants, that the Roman Church was the Harlot Religion System of Revelation seventeen. Today there is still good cause to see the Roman Church as the religious component of Babylon. 
This understanding that the Roman Church is the ―Religious Babylon‖ brought millions of believers out of the Roman Catholic religious system during the Reformation period. Because of how many, during the Reformation, saw the Roman Church as the Babylon harlot of Religion, it became expedient for certain Roman theologians to turn the attention of the people away from the Papacy. Indeed the Jesuits were responsible for the popularization and propagation of the pre-tribulation rapture doctrines. It was two Jesuit priests who rightly deserve the title as the founders of pre-tribulation rapture doctrines. These two Jesuits invented a counter-interpretation to that that was held unanimously by the Christians. In the entire history of the Church prior to the writings of these two Jesuit priests virtually all Christians believed that the eminent Resurrection, Rapture, and Return of the Lord was a single simultaneous event, happening in the twinkling of an eye, on the last day, at the last trump. When is the Last Day? When is the Last Trump? Before we expose the these two Jesuits. The first concept of the rapture, in connection with premillennialism, was expressed by the 17th-century American Puritan father and son Increase and Cotton Mather. They held to the idea that believers would be caught up in the air, followed by judgments on the Earth, and then the millennium.[13][14] The term rapture was used by Philip Doddridge[15] and John Gill[16] in their New Testament commentaries, with the idea that believers would be caught up prior to judgment on the Earth and Jesus' second coming.

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