Thursday, December 25, 2014

Homeland Security Using GPS Ankle bracelets

Mark Matheny
December 25, 2014

Under the guise of tracking illegals coming into the U.S. from Mexico, The Department of Homeland Security is now using GPS ankle bracelets in their arsenal.

According to AP news:

ICE said this week that the pilot program, known as "RGV 250," started Dec. 1 and will eventually track 250 "heads of household" caught traveling with their families in the Rio Grande Valley and released into the interior of the U.S. Once those immigrants arrive and report as ordered, ICE may remove the tracking device.The document says the GPS devices will allow ICE to track the rate of immigrants reporting back to the agency as ordered and the average length of time it takes those people to report. If the program proves successful in getting immigrants to report back to ICE, it may be expanded.
Of course this all sounds good, especially since there are so many Americans who are opposed to the open border and the influx of illegals pouring through it. The problem here is that the Elites are once again taking advantage of a crisis, and introducing more potential tyranny with this introduction of GPS technology to track humans.

I'm sure that as the success of this program ensues, there will then be an expansion of the program to American prisoners being released from prison, and probation depts. using the technology as well.

Slowly we will be desensitized to this form of tracking, just as we have come to accept video surveillance on our streets and drone surveillance in our skies.

The "Big Brother" Technocratic Dictatorship is on the rise, and most Americans are oblivious to it.

By Mark Matheny

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