Friday, October 17, 2014

Hawk: “Ebola Carriers Being Flown In On Grid Pattern Across US”

Mark Matheny
October 17, 2014

It certainly is suspicious that we are having instances of Ebola here in the U.S.. There is definitely much secrecy as well among government and media agencies.

I am posting a radio program that covers a wealth of information that is vital to understand in light of current events.

The information is documented, and the theories brought forth in the program are very possible.

Listen close, and verify the information for yourself. 


By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine


On the Thursday The Hawk show we find out some major updates from multiple sources which include but are not limited to; A deep background source provides evidence that “Ebola carriers” are being flown into the US in a “grid pattern” in order to spread the deadly virus, which has killed over 4,000 in west Africa, and patient zero here in the US, all across America.


Hawk also reminds us of information from over a month ago where a whistleblower highlighted a case in Kansas City, MO, where a patient was brought into a hospital bleeding from all orifices, then the next day simply disappeared, but the public story was that he had “Malaria.”


Now “coincidentally,” a separate story was reported where a boat docked in New Orleans after having been to the Democratic Republic of Congo in western Africa, where a crew member died, and that too was publicly declared Malaria….. and that was just a month ago as well, via reports on September 18, 2014. (Source


Following this very coincidental Malaria thread, on October 3, 2014 yet another case of supposed Malaria was diagnosed in Maryland on a patient with a travel history to west Africa, where the current Ebola outbreak is out of control. (Source)


Ok, back to Hawk’s updates.


Another source informs the Hawk that there are many cases of Ebola here in the US that have not been made public, also telling him that the numbers are in the hundreds, despite the conservative estimates just reported which claim that there will be two dozen by November in the US


All this and more in just the first segment below, out of four below….. there are quite a few “coincidences” and major updates provided in the following three as well.


This is a show that should not be missed because the connections are right there for anyone that bothers to look.


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