Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Rick Perry reveals that Obama threatened governors at recent meeting

Cain TV
July 23, 2014

Hardly a surprise: During a recent meeting with the nation's governors, President Obama made clear his top priority, which is to make sure that the governors don't go talking out of turn or criticizing his policies in any way. Texas Gov. Rick Perry saw no reason to keep this a secret, and as you can see here, he didn't:

Seriously, "You'll hear from me"?
Does Obama seriously think governors are going to cower in their boots because he reminds them of his ominous presence?
Maybe the reason Obama doesn't stand up to Vladimir Putin is that he doesn't really see that much to object to in what Putin does. They both believe in shamelessly bullying others to achieve their political objectives. They both believe in crony capitalism as a way to reward their allies and punish their enemies. And neither has much use for the truth.
Putin does it all quite a bit better, but philosophically, where is the daylight between the two of them?
The problem for Obama is that you can't just go blustering against a bunch of governors when you have little to no political capital of your own to throw around. Obama's getting pummeled in the courts. Officeholders in his own party are fleeing from him. His approval rating is in the toilet. World leaders don't take him seriously in the midst of growing international crises. And even his media allies are growing weary of the thankless task of trying to come up with defenses of him.
And with all this going on, he actually sits there and says, "You'll hear from me?"
So what, pal? What have you got?

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