Thursday, May 22, 2014

Russia and China Hold War Exercises

Washington Times
May 23, 2014

Photo by: Pavel Golovkin

A Russian intercontinental ballistic missile rolls across Red Square during the Victory Day Parade. The launch of the missile was to test a prospective warhead, Interfax news agency quoted the Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Yegorov as saying. (Associated Press)

Russia conducted a flight test of an intercontinental ballistic missile Tuesday that state media in Moscow said included the test of an advanced warhead.

The road-mobile SS-25 missile was fired from a test range at Kapustin Yar in southern Russia to an impact zone in Sary Shagan in neighboring Kazakhstan.

“‘The purpose of the launch was to test a prospective warhead of intercontinental ballistic missiles,” the official Interfax news agency quoted Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Yegorov as saying.
The RIA Novosti news agency said the test was used to develop a “new combat payload for future ICBMs.”

No additional details were provided by the Russians.

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