Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Real New World Order

Mark Matheny
April 23, 2014

You hear about a lot of reports on the New World Order, and most of them report of tyranny and oppression.

The truth behind the matter is that there will be a new world order under the Mashiakh (Messiah).

The problem with current rule is that men's hearts are not fit to rule over others and greed takes control and the need for power, this then gets in the way of righteous judgment.

When the Messiah returns there will be righteous judgment, and the world will be able to live under a so called "new world order", because the new world order will be established by the Righteous ruler.

The rabbis have talked about this in the past, but yet it's not been expanded upon by those who are against a worldly new world order one based on greed in control.

So, in fact, there is nothing wrong with a new world order so long as a righteous ruler can judge without partiality and without the desire to control and horde riches.
Someday soon we will be under that Righteous government and then, and only then will we be under a true new world order.

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