Wednesday, February 12, 2014

FEMA COFFINS To be Used for Martial Law/ Depopulation?

February 12, 2014
Mark Matheny

Many have speculated that the "FEMA COFFINS" are being stored for the purpose of mass extermination by the Elites of the New World Order. I have even reported on these. An article I recently found is convincing in its research on these coffin liners and their actual purpose. I am reporting on this in the interest of truth. We must be vigilant in seeking to know the truth, and avoiding sensationalism or fearmongering.

There is a push for world government by elites, but we want to always strive for truth in our reporting.


The "FEMA Coffins" story is basically a misunderstanding of what these things were, stored in their thousands (although far less than suggested) in a field in Georgia:


They are actually not coffins or caskets, they are burial vaults (also known as grave liners, depending on how well they seal water out). A burial vault is something that a coffin goes in, and is not used for interring people by itself. It's used in several states in the US where ground subsidence is an issue in graveyards. (

Some burial vaults are made of concrete:

But many are simply strong plastic, like those in the field, made by Vantage Products (

They fit over a regular coffin like this:

Since they are designed to withstand the elements for hundreds of years, the cheapest place to store them is a field. It's just a big outdoor warehouse. Vantage leased the field specifically to store this batch for centralized distribution.

Read the entire article

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