Sunday, January 26, 2014

Superbowl in New York -Why?

Mark Matheny
January 26, 2014
Representatives of Major League Baseball, the International Olympic Committee,the  National Hockey League, the National Basketball Association and the National Football League.

There has been much speculation on the internet as to the reasons for having the next Super Bowl game in New York city.

I have scoured the web and news articles, seeing many reporting of an upcoming "false flag" event of some kind. This is always a possibility, but so far I have seen no concrete evidence to support it.

I did run across an article at New York Daily News that has posed the most likely reason for the Super Bowl event in New York. The article states:

The prospect is broached by a group making a rare foray into public policy: the National Hockey League, Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, National Football League and U.S. Olympic Committee.On the same day Senate Democrats executed the so-called “nuclear option,” the sports folks were meeting under the Capitol with a House-Senate task force on climate change.The talk was not of the usual business of preserving antitrust exemptions or fending off calls for better drug testing or safer play.It was the impact of climate change, which they all concede, on the future of their sports.
It appears that the globalists that failed at pushing the "Global Warming" agenda due to the debunking it took, have now decided to call it "climate change" and call winter a "Polar Vortex" in order to keep the Carbon Tax agenda and Agenda 21 in general on the plan to globally enslave us all.

Since these same globalists in the shadows have convinced Americans to make sports a religion, it is only fitting that they now call upon the Leaders of  the Sports Industry to act as their "Angels" in sending the message of reducing greenhouse emissions. The same article states:

Without casting their lot with many specific Obama's administration policies, the traditionally cautious and risk-averse assemblage conceded the need to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.“These are great American businesses, great American cultural institutions and there being here means a great deal,” said Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), a sharp former federal prosecutor and son of a career diplomat who’s made 51 Senate floor speeches on climate change.
The article shows that both the NFL and the NBA are in on the propaganda as well. The NFL will be contributing to the reduction of greenhouse emissions by planting "27,000 trees, managing food recovery and taking other environmentally mindful steps in the lead up to and after February’s Super Bowl in New Jersey".  

The article goes on to show other sports organizations in on the plan to indoctrinate sport-watching zombies as well:
The NBA is backing the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Industry’s steps to hike fuel-economy standards and lower carbon emissions for new cars, SUVs and trucks.Also there was Allen Hershkowitz, a New York-based senior scientist with the National Resources Defense Council and environmental consultant to the leagues who readily concedes there are a host of contributing causes to pollution and global warming, and no single thing any one organization can do to solve them.Further, he notes, the ecological impact of pro sports is modest. What is big, however, are their markets and cultural visibility.
It's clear that the Global Warming "experts" have not given up. This is because this is a UN agenda and they want to pass carbon tax bills and use "climate change" to roll out the Global Neighborhood Agenda of controlled City Grids ran by technocrats, and  total enslavement under what they call a NEW WORLD ORDER.

This is their Hail Mary !!!!

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