Thursday, December 12, 2013

Professor Henry Graff : “I taught at Columbia for 46 years” Obama Could Not Have Gone There

Resist The Tyranny

December 12, 2013

There is no shortage of evidence that Barack H. Obama is quite possibly the most inept, deceptive and disgraceful president that America has ever seen.

With all that we do know about Barack Obama, what don’t we know?
We know that congress refuses to investigate Obama’s birth certificate.  Why would they.  It would prove that either there are higher forces that choose presidents for us or that congress is just as inept and crooked as Obama himself.
We know that Obama’s records of school and much of his past have been either permanently sealed or investigators have been repeatedly denied access to them.
We also know that many people in Barack Obama’s past have died.  Some of which has been in some very unusual and unexplainable ways.  These people, coincidentally, are also people that could have exposed truths about Obama.
Speaking of Barack Hussein Obama… We also know that he lived a double life under the nameBarry Soetoro.”

As If all of that wasn’t enough, incredibly, there is more!

Let me introduce you to Wayne Allyn Root.
Mr. Root is a Capitalist Evangelist, entrepreneur, and Libertarian-conservative Republican.  He is also A graduate of Columbia University.  He also graduated the same year as Obama and from the same classes as Obama, but Mr. Root doesn’t remember Barack Obama.  In fact, neither does anyone else in those classes.
Root is not alone in coming out about Obama’s mysterious absence from Columbia.
There are a number of professors that taught at the prestigious university that say they have no recollection of having Obama in any of their classes either.  Of those professors, there is one that agreed to a full interview.
Meet Professor Henry Graff
Mr. Graff is perhaps the most legendary and honored professor ever at Columbia University. He was THE American History and Diplomatic History professor at Columbia for 46 years.
Of everything that Mr. Graff said in his interview, he ended by saying this -
“I’m very upset by the whole story. I am angry when I hear Obama called ‘the first President of the United States from Columbia University.’ I don’t consider him a Columbia student. I have no idea what he did on the Columbia campus. No one knows him.”
You would think that at a largely liberal collage, such as Columbia, former students and professors would be clamoring to say they have studied with Obama, produce pictures of them together or even claim to have shared a beer or two with the now president, but no, nothing.

Does all of this not concern you?  Shouldn’t the main stream media be telling you about this?
More importantly…
Shouldn’t YOU be “up in arms” over this?
This article was originally published on June 9, 2013

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