Thursday, November 14, 2013

Does the Mafia Want to Wack the Pope?

Mark Matheny
November 14, 2013

According to Nicola Gratteri, 55, a state prosecutor in the southern Italian region of Calabria, the Mafia may want to take out the Pope. The reason? According to the Washington Post, the reason is due to the Pope's effort to reform the Catholic Church, which has in times past closed it's eyes to the money laundering and other "business " of the Mafia.

In the same article, the "Ndrangheta" is known in the Italian Southern region of Calabria, and they are practicing Catholics, nevertheless, Gratten says that if they feel the Pope is cutting into their business or trying to prevent them from operating, they would seriously think of taking him out.

“A gunman from the ‘Ndrangheta will pray and kiss his rosary before shooting someone,” said Gratten, who has had to be under police protection since the 1980's.

Once again, however, it seems that reports of this nature, put out by the mainstream media are really just meant to put the Pope in the light of a hero fighting against corruption, and therefore draws people to look at the Catholic Church as a noble institution.

The Catholic Church has been behind many atrocities since it's inception however, and it is not going to change it's desire for the total destruction of Protestantism, and of our Constitution here in the United States.
The Pope is just a wolf in Sheep's clothing.

20th Century Atrocities of the Roman Catholic Church

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