Sunday, October 13, 2013

In Debt We Trust

Mark Matheny

October 13, 2013

Reports yesterday on many alternative websites said that EBT transactions were down due to some type of failure that occurred across the United States. As of around 11 pm last night, the system was operational once again.

Many sites were predicting riots and economic collapse to ensue if the system were to stay down, ... and that would be one possible scenario in such an event since there are about 47 million people of foodstamps here in the U.S. currently.

However, the deadline for the debt ceiling to be reached on October 17 is significant, but in my opinion not a doomsday date. The reason for this is that the Fed will continue it's money printing in order to satisfy its debts. In otherwords, it will simply devalue the currency even more in order to pay its creditors, putting more of a burden upon the American people in the form of inflation.

As I talked with a friend last night, we both came to the same conclusion. The EBT failure may have been a warning from the White House telling it's loyal dependent followers "not to bite the hand that feeds them".

Possibly more fear tactics from the Obama Administration.....

"IN DEBT WE TRUST" should be what is printed on the Federal Reserve Notes we pass off as money........

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