Friday, August 16, 2013

Is DHS Becoming a "Domestic Army"?

Mark Matheny
August 16, 2013

Is the Department of Homeland Security turning into a Domestic Army here in the United States?

One man seems to think so, and he isn't some conspiracy nut either. He is a former Marine Corps Colonel named Peter Martino.

Peter Martino served in Fallujah and trained Iraqi soldiers. He stated during a Concord City Counsel meeting that Homeland Security is working with law enforcement agencies in order to build a "domestic Army" here in the United States.

According to Colonel Martino, the Federal government is doing so in order to control its own citizens here in the U.S.

Thecounsel meeting being held recently in Concord City was to determine  on whether to accept a $260,000 Homeland Security grant on behalf of the Central New Hampshire Special Operations Unit to purchase a BearCat armored vehicle.

Remember the statement made by Obama during his campaign in 2008?

During this particular campaign speech, Obama called for a "civilian National Security Force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded" as our military.

The Department of Homeland Security is becoming the "National Security Force" spoken of by Obama according to Colonel Martino.

 During the counsel meeting he stated, “What’s happening here is we’re building a domestic military, ..... [ ]..“I don’t know where we’re going to use this many vehicles or this many troops, .....Concord is just one cog in the wheel – we’re building an army over here and I can’t believe that people aren’t seeing it – is everybody blind?”

I have discussed in radio shows and in articles what is the true agenda behind this domestic security force taking shape within the DHS. In my article titled the START Treaty is Really the United Nations Global Military Regime Treaty  I revealed how The United Nations is creating a Global Peace Force which will govern all international policing, and there will be internal security forces in each country in charge of enforcing UN law in each respective country as well:
• The disbanding of all national armed forces and the prohibition of their reestablishment in any form whatsoever other than those required to preserve internal order and for contributions to a United Nations Peace Force;
In the same article I further wrote:
 At the completion of this stage, the U.N. will in effect be the henchman and enforcer for the New World Global Regime, posing as “Peace Keepers”. Here in the U.S. we have the completed part of this stage that mentions forces that would keep “internal order” in their respective countries. Our internal force is called the Department of HOMELAND (Internal) Security. All of the other departments and agencies have been combined through the Patriot and Military Commissions Act etc.
It is very apparent that our current "Department of Homeland Security" is the same Internal Police Force being talked about in Publication 7277.

As all police and law enforcement agencies merge and work together, we can expect groups that are opposed to such a diabolical plan to be labeled as "domestic terrorists".

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