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The Beng­hazi Bus

The August Forecast & Review
May 9, 2013

Benghazi-attackThe Beng­hazi scandal is unques­tion­ably the lowest point of Amer­ican for­eign policy in the last 50 years. It sends a mes­sage to all for­eign ser­vice workers that their gov­ern­ment will no longer rescue them when expe­ri­encing hos­tile sit­u­a­tions; this flies in the face of his­tor­ical mil­i­tary coda where all avail­able resources are brought to bear to rescue and pro­tect the wounded, trapped or endan­gered. Fur­ther­more, it brands our gov­ern­ment as unre­li­able and untruthful.
Hence­forth, diplo­mats and sol­diers every­where should beware of the “Beng­hazi Bus“, which could run over them at any incon­ve­nient time. Get­ting Beng­hazied may even become a new verb in diplo­matic language.
Today’s live tes­ti­mony of the “Beng­hazi Whistle blowers” before the House Over­sight & Gov­ern­ment  Reform Com­mittee could pro­vide the tes­ti­mony that takes down the Obama Admin­is­tra­tion. Or not. The ques­tion is, will Con­gress have the guts to impeach the public offi­cials who were respon­sible for the dis­aster and the sub­se­quent coverup. This writer’s guess is that no one will be held account­able in the end.
This writer’s orig­inal analysis of the Sep­tember 11, 2012 Beng­hazi attack and coverup can be read in these two articles:
Those tes­ti­fying before the House Com­mittee are high-profile whistle blowers, including the former deputy chief of mis­sion in Libya, Greg Hicks. Hicks imme­di­ately became the chief of mis­sion when it was learned that his boss, Amb. Chris Stevens was killed during the attack. Eric Nord­strom was the former regional secu­rity officer in Libya, respon­sible for overall secu­rity of U.S. and diplo­matic per­sonnel. Mark Thompson is the deputy assis­tant Sec­re­tary of State for counterterrorism.
After lis­tening to the entire live tes­ti­mony on C-Span, and reading numerous reports on this and the other 8 Con­gres­sional hear­ings, it is evi­dent that there were two layers of oper­a­tion in Beng­hazi. First, there was a blackops group cen­tered in and oper­ating out of the CIA com­pound that was just down the road from the diplo­matic mis­sion: Exactly what they were doing in Libya will never be fully known.
Sec­ondly, there was the diplo­matic mis­sion that was in the chain of com­mand under the Depart­ment of State. By con­trast, we now know a lot about this.
According to eye-witness tes­ti­mony, the 9/11 (2012) attack was clearly planned and exe­cuted by a known ter­rorist group and everyone in Libya under­stood this to be the case. This infor­ma­tion was clearly passed up the ladder to direct lead­er­ship in Wash­ington, who chose to ignore it and instead cooked up an entirely dif­ferent story for the world press.
Hicks, Nord­strom and Thompson tes­ti­fied that a mil­i­tary stand-down order was indeed issued that pre­vented a team of Spe­cial Oper­a­tions troops from flying into Beng­hazi. They could not even get a simple fighter jet fly­over to take place, which would have quickly dis­persed the attackers. (The ter­ror­ists are deathly afraid of laser-guided arma­ments car­ried by U.S. air­planes because once they are “locked”, they are as good as dead.)
The only impor­tant ques­tions that remain con­cern who threw the Beng­hazi mis­sion under the bus in the first place, and then who orches­trated the coverup.

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