Thursday, February 7, 2013

Popular Artists Are Puppets of the New World Order

Mark Matheny
February 7, 2013

Here is a very interesting news report by, and I simply will add my thoughts to the excellent report by Melissa Melton.

What is important to understand behind the exploits of these popular artists who depict the secretive symbols  of ancient mystery/secretive groups such as the Illuminati, is this:

This is done to slowly acclimate viewers to the  Idea that these artists are in fact a part of these secret organizations (when in fact they are not), and also to give the idea that by showing these symbols and gestures openly to the public, these ideas brought out by those who expose them, then show them to be harmless or meaningless, while at the same time reinforcing the idea that the controlling powers that these symbols refer to are in fact in charge.

In other words, the Elites use the music industry (primarily) to impose the Idea of a New World Order through subliminal symbolism and lyrics to desensitize the masses to the idea of a "New World Order" while at the same time making it seem preposterous that such a plan exists since lower classes of people would so readily understand and decipher such ancient and secretive messages. After all, if they are so secretive then how is it that they are so easily deciphered?

This then plays a two part propagandising effect:
 1. By showing that the masses know the secrets, they in fact have no power
 2. subliminally, the masses accept the secrets and plans of the "Illuminati" as something cool, and even to be embraced.

The fact that popular celebrities use these symbols, makes the younger masses feel that they are somehow connected to the secret groups through their Icon celebrity figures who are "connected".

Really this is just propaganda and mind control, plain and simple.

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