Monday, November 26, 2012

The Real Story of Palastine

Written by Amit Moreno

Recently, many people think that Palestine is the name of an Arab state which is under "Israeli occupation". This terrible mistake begins from an incorrect prop
aganda that the Arabs spread over the world about the history of Palestine and the real Palestinian people. The truth is that Palestine has always been a Brand throughout history belonged to the Jewish people.
The story of the real Palestine begins in the year 136 AD, when Emperor Hadrian wanted to expel the Jews from the kingdom of Judea, and destroy Judaism. After the Bar-Kochba revolt, he sent his advisers to choose another name to the kingdom of Judea, a new name that will destroy the Judaism. The advisers had told him that many years ago there was a population called Philistines, those people tried to destroy the Jews but failed and died out many years ago. According to this, Emperor Hadrian decided to call the Kingdom of Judea "Province Syria Palestina".

During the subsequent periods, the name Palestina always belonged to the Jewish people who lived there. many nations have passed in this country and the name Palestina has changed to Palestine, but in Hebrew, the name Palestina remains the same.

When the Jewish people received the Mandate for Palestine in 1922 (the real name of the Mandate is 'Mandate La Palestina'), the League of Nations recognizes the right of the Jewish people to be sovereign in the country – Palestine (Israel).

After the State established, the Jewish people adopted the original name of the country – Israel, instead of the name Palestine. That's why the Arabs have decided to adopt the name Palestine themselves, and demand from the United Nations to recognize them as the sole owners of this name, to be able to demand ownership of the land of Israel by the international law. The Jewish people have ample proof that the brand Palestine was always a Jewish brand, while the Arabs have no evidence at all.

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