Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Mark Matheny
October 31, 2012

In a Pentagon Briefing back in 2005, a proposal was put forth to vaccinate Afghanistan citizens with a vaccine called "FunVax" to prevent religious fundamental extremism in the populace.

In the video below, they describe how some humans have a more expressed amount of what is called the VMat 2 gene, making them religiously extreme, whereas those with a less expressed amount of the VMat 2 gene are not particularly religious.

In their proposal, they want to clandestinely introduce the FunVax vaccine into the Afghan populace in order to irradicate "Fundamental extremism" and therefore terrorism in the Afghan area.

They would introduce the vaccine through "respiratory viruses" such as flu and other viruses common among most people.

The name of the proposal itself is called "FunVax".

I have not ascertained whether this proposal was accepted by the Pentagon or not, or whether it has been carried out in Afghanistan as of this time, but this certainly sounds like a Beta Test for implementing such an agenda not only there in Afghanistan, but here in the U.S. as well.

Drones were first Beta tested in the Middle East region in order to fight Terrorism, and now they are being used by the DHS in the war on terror domestically.

The FunVax would certainly be a great tool in the Global Elite's fight for a New World Order, in that they would use it to destroy religious belief and desire in citizens of the United States and in other Nations where opposition keeps them from pushing their Feudal Dictatorship world government.

Pentagon Briefing : 2005

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