Monday, July 16, 2012

Paul's bid to be nominated for GOP president ends

Fox News
July 16, 2012

Republican Rep. Ron Paul’s bid to be nominated for president at the party’s national convention ended Saturday when he failed to win enough delegates at Nebraska’s state GOP convention.

Paul, R-Texas, won two of the state's 35 convention delegates with presumptive nominee Mitt Romney securing the rest, according to The Hill newspaper.

Paul essentially stopped campaigning months ago and has instead focused on winning delegates at state conventions to get officially nominated at the Republican National Convention next month in Tampa, Fla.
Getting enough candidates also would have allowed him to officially address convention attendees with a 15-minute nominating speech.

Paul had won a plurality of delegates in four other states: Iowa, Maine, Minnesota and Louisiana. However, the libertarian needed a fifth state to secure the speaking slot so he focused his efforts on Nebraska, the last to hold a GOP convention, according to The Hill.

Paul must now be invited to take part in official convention events. He reportedly still plans to go to Tampa with hundreds of his enthusiastic supporters.

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