Friday, July 6, 2012

Flashback 2009: Obama Promises to Close Gitmo – Today: $40 Million for Gitmo Upgrades

America First
July 6, 2012

[Flash back : January, 2009].  Obama promises to close Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility within a year.

Now the government is spending $40 million more for upgrades at Gitmo.  Looks like Obama has no intention of actually shutting it down.  Another broken promise by a lying politician.  But more importantly, what does the presence of an indefinite detention center mean for America?  Can we really cling to a moral high ground when we don’t give people a trial or follow due process of law?  Obama (and Reagan before him) is willing to give your American rights to illegal aliens who are known to have broken the law by  crossing our borders, but he’s not willing to give accused terrorists a trial to establish their guilt before condemning them to decades in a prison camp?


Gitmo sets a dangerous precedence: that people can be indefinitely detained without a trial.  It’s conditioning all of us to accept this type of “justice” as normal and moral.  Now with the approval of the NDAA, Obama has claimed the right to indefinitely detain YOU without a trial.  And he’ll even use the military to do it.  All he, or one of his “czars” (the Marxist connotations of that term are spine tingling!), has to do is accuse you of terrorism.  No evidence need be presented.  No trial required.   Is that the America we want?

Give the GITMO prisoners trials.  Punish the guilty, and let the innocent go free.

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