Sunday, June 3, 2012

Breaking: Ron Paul supporters takeover Louisiana Republican State Convention

June 2, 2012

GOP Convention
Delegates to represent Louisiana at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL were chosen today, but not without issue. Ron Paul supporters took control of Louisiana's Republican State Convention Saturday, starting their own. It's a trend Paul supporters are doing around the nation, and it's leaving the Republican party divided.
"A majority of the folks at the convention elected him as chairman," Connie Barnard said, referring to Henry Herford. That 58% majority supports Ron Paul. They broke away from the Republican State Convention, turning their chairs away from the main podium and starting a convention of their own. Barnard, who is the vice chairman of the majority convention, says this separation was caused by convention rule changes.
"When those rule changes were released to several of the delegates on Friday, they were not in keeping of ideas of liberty and democracy," she said. Ron Paul supporters claim the new delegation rules make selecting delegates for the national convention in Tampa unfair.
"For example, one of the rule changes were that 1/3 of the delegation would constitute a quorum," Barnard said. "Nowhere does any public body or any seated body does 1/3 constitute a quorum."

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