Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ron Paul Just Won A Caucus But The Media Is Telling You Mitt Romney Did

AP Photo
Business Insider
March 11, 2012

Ron Paul won the GOP caucus in the Virgin Islands, or at least he won the most votes according to the Virgin Islands Republican Party
Right now the count stands this way: 
384 total cast
112 to Paul (29%)  
101 to Romney (26%) 
23 to Santorum (6%)
18 to Gingrich (5%) 
But as with all caucuses it isn't that simple. 
The AP and others reported yesterday that Mitt Romney won the Virgin Islands caucus. 
And they aren't entirely wrong, because of the crazy rules that are around caucuses, Mitt Romney was able to  qualify for more delegates, and win them. One of the "uncommitted" delegates also went to Romney. 
So maybe the media isn't entirely unjustified in saying Romney won it.
But we think they buried the real story. 
The Paul campaign should celebrate this small victory! It is the first territory where Paul has clearly beaten Romney in a popular vote, no matter how small. 

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