Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ron Paul: " ... Do I believe I can win? Yes..."

Mark Matheny
March 5, 2012

Presidential candidate Ron Paul appeared on "Face the Nation" March 4, 2012 via satellite from Alaska, where he is preparing for next week's plan to win delegates in the State.

Ron Paul Interview On Face The Nation 03/04/12 by SaveOurSovereignty

In the Interview Ron Paul was asked whether he was running for President in order to win the office, or simply to make a point as a "pitchman" for Libertarianism. Paul responded saying:
"I've answered this question... a few times, and I don't know why there has to be an 'either - or'. Ah, matter of fact, if you're in a race to make a point or, you know, to promote a cause, the best way to do that is to win.
So... by the fact that I won 12 times in Congress and got the people in the district to understand what true liberty's about, and what a strict constitutional does... and argue the case of sound money, and a different type of foreign policy. So by my winning those elections was very... beneficial to promoting my cause.  ... Do I believe I can win? Yes..."
CBS Bob Scheiffer then seemed to want to twist Ron's words by saying:
 "But I do take it from what you were telling me this morning, that your main purpose here is to make a point, uh, to underline why you think the Libertarian view is the way to go, so I take it that what you're trying to do here is strengthen Libertarians rather than, you're main objective being to win the nomination."
Of course, Ron Paul was not going to fall for this "spin' on his words, and answered back clearly shutting Scheiffer's elitist double speak down. Ron answered back saying:
"Well, no.... I said something different. I said both are mutual." 
Paul went on to explain that there are few politicians in the game who are in it for something other than to gain power. Most are in the race to gain power, and whether it is Republican or Democrat, Paul argued that both sides are in it to increase their power bases. Nothing ever changes concerning foreign policy, overseas adventures, the monetary policies, and deficits. Paul argued that his real concern is for personal liberty, and not gaining power.

As far as any rumors of him and Romney conspiring together, Ron said it wasn't true.

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