Friday, March 23, 2012

How IMF-ECB Austerity is Destroying Greece, and the Need for a Debt Freeze Inside the Euro-Zone

Webster G. Tarpley Ph.D. – World Crisis Radio
March 17, 2012
Guest: Michael Chiotinis, blogger, Athens, Greece
A first-person look at how IMF austerity is wrecking the Greek economy with a leading Greek blogger.
Other topics include Hillary Clinton’s war ultimatum given to Sergei Lavrov for Iran, and Rand Paul’s support of the draconian Iran sanctions. From Syria: more splits in the “Syrian National Council,” while pro-Assad forces finish mopping up the armed resistance and huge pro-Assad demonstrations penetrate even the controlled western media. Has the US undergone a self-inflicted, slow motion Tet debacle in Afghanistan leading to the iplementation of the CIA’s Devine Plan? The BRICS summit to meet in India, March 29: ways to finance international trade outside of the dollar. The Carterization of Obama as he wallows in malaise and calls on Americans to “use less.” Obama’s bind: he fears alienating radical environmentalists by increasing oil production, and refuses to attack Wall Street speculators who are driving up the oil price for us “muppets.” A catalogue of the measures a real President would to cut the price of oil. Ron Paul teams up with Romney to prevent a GOP debate in Oregon.

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