Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Is the U.S. on its way toward a Debt Disaster?

Mark Matheny

Will the U.S. blemish its perfect credit rating?

More than likely, and this will set the stage for the total demise of the dollar, which will usher in a world currency to replace the long-standing reserve currency status the U.S. has held. No matter how the Fed and Wall Street manipulate the markets with 'slight of hand' collaboration, backed by the approval of our current administration in order to mesmorize the American people into believing the economy is recovering - our AAA status will be downgraded, and along with it our way of life as a once prosperous nation!

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Death by 1'000 Cuts said...

I don't pitty the US population, since it's beenomplicit to the Us government terrorizng, raping, robbing and stealng from other countries to increase US Corporations profits, and US population with low prices.

I pitty the poor from other countries, who haven't sinned of greed by buying bubbled up home prices they cannot afford, not have maxxed out credit cards, have held no debt, despite their imperant needs.

The US can go to hell, for all I care.

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